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We maintain a large "WANTED" database and would be pleased to help you find just the clock, mechanical music item or category of either that you are seeking.

The subject line of your WANTED e-mail needs to start with the word "WANTED: " in capital letters, followed by a brief description of what you are seeking, manufacturer first (if you know it), then model or category.

Please be sure to include your contact address and telephone numbers. We can't help you if we can't find you. We frequently find just what someone has been diligently seeking, only to learn they have changed their e-mail and we don't have a phone number to reach them... so please don't let this happen to either one of us! You might want to write down our phone number at the same time so you can find us: (!)

If you change your e-mail address, be sure to let us know so we can find you when we find your item!

Three examples:

WANTED: Seth Thomas No. 2

WANTED: Jeweler's Regulator, hanging

WANTED: Ansonia figural clocks

We've helped literally hundreds of people locate just the antique clock, antique mechanical music device (or other antiquity) they were seeking.


You know we always have sellers with antique clocks and mechanical music devices in-hand but we also always have buyers with cash in-hand, so check the linked list here to help us find what we need!

PLEASE, don't forget to put your phone number and at least the state where you live so we don't call you at some late-night hour without realizing you don't live here on the West Coast! A couple of years ago we received a call from a fellow and, thinking it was an Orange County, CA, phone number, called him back at around 9:30pm. He was dead asleep in Florida and relatively unhappy about receiving our call after midnight... oops!

We're here to help. Help us help you by great communication...

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