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Seth Thomas “Chatham” Gallery, c.1924

Seth Thomas “Chatham” Gallery, c.1924   ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Seth Thomas “Chatham” Gallery, c.1924   ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Seth Thomas “Chatham” Gallery, c.1924   ~ Antique Clocks Guy

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Gallery clocks have always been popular among collectors and those just seeking a simple, but traditional clock for decorator purposes. They were generally used in banks, commercial installations and schools. We're not sure where this one spent most of its life but its condition makes it clear that it led a charmed prior life free of any abuse or harmful environment. Nice!

Physical: The Seth Thomas 16" diameter solid oak case is in excellent physical condition and has the original finish.

There is a door on the bottom to access the pendulum. The 12" diameter dial is in fabulous condition and has the original paint. Charmed life.

Mechanical: The eight-day No. 41A (workhorse) time-only movement is in excellent mechanical condition. We just had it professionally overhauled including two new bushings so it is a great runner you will be able to count on for years to come.

Seth Thomas put a dial support board behind the dial on many of its models. Often, lazy repair people did not bother to reinstall it when they finished their service work. But this clock does have the original dial support board (see photo).

Comments: Absolutely great clock that will be problem-free and reliable. Also bargain-priced! Please call us to start the process.

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Front View
Movement w/Dial Board
Pendulum Door

Ly, T.D., Seth Thomas Clocks & Movements 3rd Ed Vol 1, 2004, p.352

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