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Ansonia Regulator "A" in Walnut, c.1910
with Gong Strike (not wire)

Ansonia Reg "A" in Black Walnut ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Ansonia Reg "A" in Black Walnut ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Ansonia Reg "A" in Black Walnut ~ Antique Clocks GuyShip From San Diego County
(or pickup directly)

Ansonia Regulator "A" - Original Catalogue Drawing

(0riginal Catalogue Drawing)


Over the years we've generally not had clocks this size and most of the Ansonia "Regulator A"s we've seen have been in oak and with a (crummy-sounding) wire gong for the strike.

Physical: The beautiful black walnut case measures 32"h x 17"w x 35"d and is in excellent physical condition. Clearly, it has led a charmed life over the last 114 or so years.
Lower glass original and possibly upper. Rubber stamp on back says: "16 Sep 1910" most likely the manufacture date.

The 11" diameter dial (original paper overlay) is in very good condition with a small scuff (age-appropriate) between VI and VII.

Mechanical: The original movement is in excellent running condition. We hung it here and it started right up. Subsequently, we opened it to lubricate and photograph the mechanism, which appears to be quite clean. It is keeping good time.

This clock has what was an upgrade not only for striking the half and hour, but also on a heavier gong instead of a thin coiled wire (then a $.40 option on a $10.90 clock – they're a little more expensive today)! As a result, it has a mellow striking sound.

Comments: Pretty clock, nice to have the black walnut (most were ash), runs well, priced right. How come you haven't already picked up the phone to call us? (!)

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Front Right
Date Stamp

Ansonia Reg "A" in Black Walnut ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Ly, T.D., Ansonia Clocks and Watches, 1998, p.199

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