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Waltham “Pattern 64” Tallcase ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Waltham “Pattern 64” Tallcase ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Waltham “Pattern 64” Tallcase ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Waltham “Pattern 64” Tallcase ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Waltham “Pattern 64” Tallcase ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Waltham “Pattern 64” Tallcase ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Waltham “Pattern 64” Tallcase ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Ship From So. CA

Original Catalogue Drawing - Waltham “Pattern 64” Tallcase ~ Antique Clocks Guy

(original catalogue)


We are exceptionally pleased to offer this significant tallcase clock for your consideration. Originally retailed by the well-known Boston jeweler Smith Patterson Company, this clock has just finished being refurbished in our restoration shop and is ready to grace the entry of your home or office. A perusal of the eighteen photos below will be convincing.

Smith Patterson Company was a fine quality jeweler comparable to Tiffany in New York. They were agents and importers of sterling and other jewelry items such as fine pocket watches and were eventually merged with the Jordan Marsh department store. Like Tiffany they retailed the highest quality clocks that were made by renowned clock makers and private-labeled under the Smith Patterson name.

Founded by M.N. Smith and Henry Winthrop Patterson as Smith & Patterson (1885-1895), the firm was in business until at least 1941.

Smith Patterson contracted with the American Watch Co., Waltham to produce some watches bearing the Smith Patterson name. They likely had watches private-labeled by other watch manufacturers as well. In addition, our research has turned up a banjo clock with the Smith Patterson signature and movement signed by Waltham as well as ship’s bell clock by Chelsea with the Smith Patterson signature on the dial.

Smith Patterson Building - Corner Summer & Hawley Sts. Boston ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Physical:The Mahogany case, with swan neck pediment and carved acorn center finial measures 29”w x 102”h x 20”d. It features half-fluted solid columns with wooden capitals and bases.

The waist area has fine detailed carvings above and below the door while the side columns are a larger version of the hood columns. The base has a beautiful carved center panel offset by a relief center panel. The feet are in the form of a ram’s horns and hoofs. As a side note, this cabinet was apparently also made in oak with solid columns on the hood and waist. On some of those cases the center finial was replaced with three wood finials, though we do not have a photo or illustration of that configuration.

Interestingly, this same case was also used by high-end clockmaker Walter H. Durfee from 1892 to 1900 as their Pattern 16 (see NAWCC Watch & Clock Bulletin, July/August 2013, p.382-383). Waltham catalogues of 1905 show their use of this same case as Pattern 16. Herschede was making the cases for both Durfee and Waltham during this era.

This case was recently professionally restored. Previously, it had been poorly over-coated so that layer was removed in the finish restoration process by our restoration shop of old-world masters. The fabric in the hood and on the backboard was replaced with appropriate new red fabric. All glass and wood are original. The 12” diameter dial is original and in excellent physical condition as is the hand-painted moon dial. The weights and pendulum are original.

The eight-day chiming No. 50 Waltham-stamped movement is original to the clock. The consignor was not pleased with how this clock was running so he had the top clock technician in Los Angeles completely overhaul it in the Spring of 2021. Prior to that it was restrung with stainless steel cable. It is now in excellent mechanical condition. It chimes Westminster or Whittington tunes on the quarter hours and strikes the hours. The chime tubes are also stamped with the Waltham mark.

Comments: Please take time to carefully review the photos below. They tell the story of a truly graceful clock that has enjoyed exceptional care over the last 116 years. As you look at the photos, picture how wonderful it would look as a greeting to your family and guests in the entry of your home or office... or perhaps in the corner of the den. We'll let you make the decorating choices!

Shipping: We will assist making arrangements with one of our blanket-wrap movers to deliver the clock, then you pay them directly for their services.

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Front View
Front Partial
Front Lower
Front - Hood Off
Crown Detail
Mid Detail
Lower Mid Detail
Column Detail - Left
Upper Front Left
Grill - Right
Hood Off
Movement - Front
Movement - Right
Back Off
Tube Signature

Ly, T.D., Longcase Clocks & Standing Regulators, 1994, p.457

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Korfhage Tallcase in Oak, with Calendar Subsidiary Dial ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Ship From So CA
(this photo does not do the clock justice!)

Rare Highly Carved Korfhage Tallcase in Oak,
with Calendar Subsidiary Dial, c.1890-1900

Here is a spectacular example of the work of Charles Korfhage, whose workshop was located at 12 Dutch Street in New York City. We don't know a lot about Charles Korfhage, but we do know that he held multiple patents on clock movements. He sold the movement in this tallcase clock in his wholesale catalogue for $52. We were delighted to find this clock in Tran Duy Ly's Longcase Clocks and Standing Regulators book (1994).

Here's what Korfhage says in his catalogue:
"The Superiority of my Improved Movements (his punctuation, not ours), which have stood the test of time, consists not merely in having Dead-beat Escapement, Maintaining Power, Full-toned Gongs and Fancy Dials, but in simplicity of construction which has been achieved by an experience of many years of practical work and by means of best machinery adopted to this work.

"My Movements are above comparison with any other make either American or European, in material, workmanship and general excellence of appearance, as all parts are highly-polished and finely-finished throughout, and are a wonderful advance over the 'Old Timers;' in fact the Movements when put in the Cases give the most handsome appearing and best time-keeping Clocks suitable for any appropriate location that can be made."
(Whew... that guy believed in himself!)

Physical: As you can see, this case is the result of the craftsmanship of a master cabinetmaker in every detail. It is simply a spectacular piece, measuring 23"w x 97-98" tall (hard to tell without a ladder) x 17.5"d. The width measurement is at the widest place on base. The case was professionally restored by rubbing out, overcoating with shellac (as originally used), then rubbing out again. It is in excellent condition as is the original 12" dial with two different hand-painted scenes on the moon dial.

Mechanical (again from the actual original catalogue description):
"The Chime Gongs are made of the finest cold-rolled imported flat-steel wire, tuned and mounted on a brass stand, fitted in the case with my improved Sounding-Board which reinforces the tone.

"The Pendulum is fitted with a double suspension spring (such as used on Fine Regulators) hung on pivots, and the Pendulum Bob is made of brass, finely finished and suspended on a seasoned wood rod.

"The Weights are of lead, covered with finely finished brass shells or Cylinders which can be removed when necessary."

The eight-day time and gong-strike movement (see catalogue description above) has been professionally overhauled and is in excellent running order. It will be lubricated prior to shipment. It strikes the half hour and hour on a large coiled gong.

There is also a subsidiary calendar dial on the clock that is in excellent running order.

Shipping: Shipping-related charges are paid directly by you to the provider. We will arrange to have one of our our blanket-wrap movers deliver it right to your front room. They have a great track-record with us and the cost is surprisingly low, especially when compared to crating/trucking. We will be happy to get a quote for you if that is a consideration in your decision-making process.

Comments: This is a tremendous tallcase clock... its quality speaks for itself. The casework is spectacular. If you've been seeking just the "right clock" for your entryway, or perhaps family room/den, this would be one to seriously consider. A piece of American history, an incredible piece of workmanship. Give us a call to make your arrangements.

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Front View
Crown Closeup
Bonnet Side Closeup
Upper Left Detail
Upper Right Detail
Claw Foot
Base Closeup
Moon Dial
Pendulum Bob

Ly, T.D., Longcase Clocks & Standing Regulators, 1994, p.314

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