Looking for Clock Repair?
We do not do any clock repair whatsoever,
none, zippo, nada... we are peddlers, not technicians,
so please read the information below:

If you are in San Diego County (or are willing to drive or ship here) we can also refer you to an honest clockmaker here who will fix your clock and not rip you off!

If you are elsewhere, try these two links first: (1) (2). If one of these links works, please tell the repair shop that you got the referral to them from clockguy.com. Otherwise, please drop us a note and we'll ask around to see if we can dig up someone in your area. No promises, but we'll try.

We are building a list (slowly, but surely) of competent repair shops across the country that we hope to publish on our site in the future. Please feel free to call us at and we'll check to see if we have a specific repair/service referral in your area.

If you are an established clock repair shop and have ten or more years' experience repairing antique clocks professionally (and would like to receive referrals from time to time), please click here.

If you are a collector and have had positive experience with a repair shop that specializes in antique clock repair, we would like to hear about them. Please have them come to our site and click the link above. We will interview them, try to determine the scope of their in-house capabilities.

DISCLAIMER: We do not accept responsibility for, or warrant the work of, any clock repair facility to whom this site may refer you. We do this only as a service. As with hiring any other professional, you should do your own homework before leaving a clock with any clock repair shop.

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