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Magnificent Dresden Porcelain
6-pc Putti-Adorned Garniture Set
with Lenzkirch Movement, c.1893

Dresden/Lenzkirch Garniture Set ~ Antique Clocks Guy

<empty>Dresden/Lenzkirch Garniture Set ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Dresden/Lenzkirch Garniture Set ~ Antique Clocks Guy

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Dresden/Lenzkirch Garniture Set ~ Antique Clocks Guy

"Stunning" and "Magnificent" were the first two words out of our mouths when we first saw the photos of this beautiful "garniture" (clock and candelabras) set. We feel very fortunate to present this finest piece of Dresden porcelain with a very high-quality Lenzkirch movement for your consideration. We'll let the 26 photos below do most of the talking on this one.

Physical Dimensions:
lock: 10"w x 18"h x 6"d
Base: 11"w x 3"h x 8" d
Combined: 11"w x 21"h x 8"d

Candelabra (ea. - assembled): 13"w x 19"h x 13"d

Physical Description: The signed Dresden porcelain is in excellent physical condition. The clock sits on separate base. The upper part of each candelabra sits on a candelabra base and can be turned. The left wing on the putti on the clock had a clean break at some point that has been repaired (you have to really look to notice and not visible from the front, but it is not on in all of the photos – we didn't want our consignor to have to re-take all of them). The 3.5" diameter porcelain dial has hand-painted floral decor matching the color scheme of the rest of the garniture set.

Mechanical: The signed eight-day, time-only Lenzkirch movement (s/n 974371) is from 1893 and is in excellent running order.

Comments: "Honey, call the decorator, we've gotta have this!" A commanding piece that will be a major focal point no matter where it is placed. Will that be on a credenza in your dining or living room? Give us a call to start the process. P.S. Be sure to use dripless candles!

Shipping: This clock can be picked up in VA or will be packed by UPS for shipment to you. UPS or another packer could also pack it and we could have it moved by one of our blanket-wrap movers (probably least jostling enroute)... your choice. Our consignor does have the crate(s) that were used to ship this piece back from their prior European residence.

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Clock/Base - Right
Clock/Base - Left
Clock/Base - Rear
Clock Dresden Mark
Base - Front
Base - Left
Base - Right
Base - Rear
Base - Dresden Mark
Candelabras Unassembled
Left Candelabra - Front
Left Candelabra - Left
Left Candelabra - Right
Left Candelabra - Rear
Left Candelabra - Dresden Mark
Right Candelabra - Front
Right Candelabra - Left
Right Candelabra - Right
Right Candelabra - Rear
Right Candelabra - Dresden Mark
Lenzkirch Movement
Lenzkirch Movement - Mark & S/N

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