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Early Seth Thomas Regulator No. 2
in Rosewood

Early Seth Thomas Regulator No. 2  in Rosewood ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Early Seth Thomas Regulator No. 2  in Rosewood ~ Antique Clocks Guy

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Seth Thomas Early Regulator No. 2 - Original Catalogue Drawing ~ Antique Clocks Guy

(original catalogue drawing)
There were multiple versions of the original glass "tablet".


Here is a marvelous example of an early Seth Thomas Regulator 2. The case is rosewood and "grained" rosewood, and is in excellent overall condition. It's gorgeous!

The Seth Thomas Company manufactured clocks in Plymouth Hollow CT through 1864, when the "Hollow" was renamed "Thomastown" to honor the then-deceased Seth Thomas, who had been the primary employer in the area. In 1875 the town of Thomastown was officially incorporated.

It is difficult to know exactly when this clock was manufactured as it matches a catalogue drawing we have from 1879, though that is some fifteen years after the township name change. We believe it's earlier. Seth Thomas continued to use up parts inventory after the name change. It's all a mystery, but there's no mystery in saying this is a great example of the species!

Physical: The rosewood case, which appears to have the original finish and bubbly glass, measures 15.5"w x 34"h x 4.5"d and is in excellent overall condition.

The weight baffle, which slides up to reveal the weight, has the original label on it that is in excellent (age-appropriate) condition and is protected by a sheet of (removable) plastic. The (faded) "beat" marker on the inside bottom appears to be hand-drawn, typical of some very early clocks of this era.

The 12" painted dial is in excellent overall condition and also appears to have the original paint. There is a beautiful reverse-painted black and gilt lower glass (tablet).
Both glasses have (bubble) blemishes which leads us to believe they are original.

Mechanical: The eight-day, time-only deadbeat, retaining-power, weight-driven movement is in excellent running order and original to the clock.

Comments: This clock has been in our office and we can testify to its mechanical condition and time-keeping prowess. Priced right, too! Give us a call to start the process.

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Front Lower View
Front View
Tablet Back
Weight Baffle
Beat Scale

Ly, T.D., Seth Thomas Clocks & Movements 3rd Ed Vol 1, 2004, p.275

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