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"There is nothing so stable as change."
–Bob Dylan

Over the past twenty-six–plus years we have provided an exceptional inventory of primarily American clocks for our global clientele. A significant portion of those clocks came from a single source – a major collector who purchased collections and individual clocks both for his personal collection and to refurbish and prepare for us to make available to our clientele.

Recently, sadly, that collector passed away. His family made the decision to send the remaining clocks to auction. So, when you see “bare walls” in our inventory relative to the past, it is because we have removed those items from our website. But, not to worry... we have more coming!

This would be a particularly great time to contact us if you have higher-end, particularly American, clocks ready for a “good home”. We will be pleased to review what you have and offer an opinion on the most appropriate way to connect you with a buyer. We have lots of experience working with collectors and individual families.

In that process, we first come to an agreed price to you, then we arrange the sale and the buyer-paid shipping. If it is a larger clock we’ll use one of our blanket-wrap movers who will come to you; or, for smaller items, UPS. Again, paid by our buyer.

Please contact us by phone at , or e-mail.


ABOUT US: The Antique Clocks Guy represents buyers, sellers, major collectors, estates, "pre-estates"... and the small guys, too. We'd be pleased to represent and sell your antique clock, antique barometer or, or perhaps your entire collection. We occasionally accept listings for some high-end, quality antiquities such as bronzes. We provide physical and "digital consignment" options as well as outright purchase of quality collections and estates. We work with lots of families and collectors with what we call "Pre-Estates" so your family is not left with a collection for which they eventually receive ten cents on the dollar. We help keep the vultures from your door and maximize your return on investment!

We'll also conduct a search to help you find antique clocks. Whether you're seeking a Seth Thomas Regulator, an E. Howard Regulator, an Ithaca Double-Dial Calendar, a big Waterbury Jeweler's Regulator, a Longcase, Tallcase or “Grandfather's” Clock, an Astronomical Regulator, a lovely French Carriage Clock, a Railroad Clock, or even a 1970s piece from the Gazo Family Clock Factory or Herschede Hall Clock Co., we’ll get to work right away on your behalf. And there is no charge for those services... honest.

We've been a member of the NAWCC since 1973 (National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors). We support the integrity standards of the organization.

If you wonder about us, be sure to read our testimonials page. For credibility's sake we should mention that, for the "bible" on Seth Thomas clocks, the noted American clock books author Tran Duy Ly came to us to write the introduction to this best-selling two-volume set. Then, his "Kroeber Clocks" book. Why? Because we're an honest, knowledgeable, and highly respected dealer whom he trusted and whom you can trust, too, like the following note we received from a repeat client. Click it for more:

Click For Antique Clocks Guy Testimonials

If you have a quality antique clock to sell and that meets our criteria, please click here. (Other than Gazo, E.Howard, Chelsea, Herschede and some later Seth Thomas weight-driven clocks, if it's not an antique we definitely won't have interest.)

Don't miss our Antique Clocks Reference Library. It is full of antique clock history articles about specific manufacturers and many other antique clock-related items. If you've researched and written an appropriate antique clock article or history on one of the clockmakers or other related topic, we may have interest in publishing it here.

If you're seeking free appraisals this is the wrong website for you (we will, in some cases, do a simple evaluation for a PayPal prepaid fee).

If you are seeking an honest antique clock dealer who's been around the dial more than a couple of rotations and who has developed an exemplary reputation for integrity... give us a try... take a look!

Bottom line
: we're committed to the highest levels of integrity and client service. So, let us go to work for you!

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Newest Listings
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Gazo San Marcos in Dark Alder ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Gazo San Marcos

English Pinwheel Standing Regulator

English Standing
Pinwheel Regulator
c. 1860

Gazo La Costa Early - Antitque Clocks Guy

Gazo La Costa
North Wind
Dark Alder

Gazo “Carmel” in Dark Alder ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Gazo Carmel
Dark Alder

Early Seth Thomas
Regulator 2
in Rosewood

Gazo “Scottsdale” in Alder ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Rare Gazo


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