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"My first day on the new job!"

"Too Cool"
A pose only a Bird Daddy could love!


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This is how I look as of January 27, 2007
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Alexandrine Parakeet "Joplin"

Five year-old granddaughter Aitana loves Joplin
and he's learning kids are okay, too!
July 4, 2016


Hi Guys...

My name is "Joplin D. Boid". I am proud to tell you that I'm an Alexandrine Parakeet (frankly, I'd rather think of myself as a 'parrot', however). I come from the Asiatic parrot clan of ring-necked boids. I'm technically part of the species Psittacula Eupatria Eupatria... as if you gave a rip about that. DNA testing confirms that I am a stud... er... male!

I was hatched on or about February 25th, 2003 at the residence of the world-famous Asiatic Parrot breeder, Don Cavender, in Escondido, CA. My Mom and now "Bird-Daddy" picked me from a brood of four brothers and sisters. That's because I'm cute... and getting cuter every day. Come back here and visit any old time and see for yourself how good I'm looking. (Frankly, if you want my opinion, it's a good thing we don't have a picture of Bird-Daddy here. He has bags under his eyes from feeding me 'round the clock every four hours or so. Oh, well, that's just a small sacrifice to have a beauty like me as part of the family... right, Bird-Daddy?)

If you want watch me grow, keep coming back to see my web-famous "Kodak Moments of An Alexandrine Parakeet. 

Click here to see a baby Alexandrine Parakeet detailed feeding and weight chart. Or, click for an exclusive peek at "My Life As A Boid" (before it hits the bookstores)!


Alexandrine Parakeet First Month's Photos
Date Photo

With my first 5-spot...
Hello family, hello world!
Ride home on Bird-Mommy's Lap
Composite of my first day with the family
Bird Daddy worries when I cry; Doc says, "No problem."

03/17/03 Photo du Jour (click)
03/18/03 Photo du Jour (click)
03/19/03 I was sleepy when they snapped this... oh, well. (click)
03/20/03 Closeup - Alexandrine Parakeet
Climbing onto Bird Daddy's arm from the desk I like
..this exploring bit! Stuck my head in his cuff - he had unbutton it to get me busted outta there!
Exploring some of my new toys
Check it out: my first "step up" exercise
Trying to balance... whee!
I finally decided just to lie in Bird Daddy's hand
Lifting my body by my wings to stand tall! Bird Daddy
..says this looks really wierd
Gotta stretch and flap if I'm gonna get strong.
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03/21/03 Photo du Jour - Alexandrine Parakeet (click)
03/22/03 Snoozin' 'n Stretchin'
Oliver family's pride and joy - Part I!
03/23/03 Oliver family's pride and joy - Part II!
Foraging for fun
Red Light District!
Standing, wings down
Standing - back view
Resting (with Isabelle & Emma, nieces)
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03/24/03 I learned how to SQUAWK today!
But I'm still very cute. Take a look at my closeups.
My nose-to-nose shots are kinda fun, too.
I've been practicing my sitting-up exercise...
My sleeping exercise, too. Think of as birdy beauty sleep... you know, sorta like... 'cute chicks' do at the beach!"

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03/25/03 I'm growin' in my back feathers, can't you see? (click)
03/26/03 Still growin' Alexandrine Parakeet (click)
03/27/03 Here's some pics of me playing and flapping my wings (click)
03/28/03 I'm turning into a real lady-killer, right? (click) (click)
03/29/03 Don't you wish you got better looking every day? (click) (click)
03/30/03 I need to get my beauty sleep, you know. (click) (click)
03/31/03 Sometimes I find the coolest places to hide out! (click)
04/01/03 Me and my shadow... and a bunch of other things. (click) (click)
04/02/03 Toys R Me... and some other pix (click) (click)
04/03/03 Doggone! What a handsome devil I am... (click)
04/04/03 Look how well my head is filling in. (click)
04/05/03 Doggone, it happened again, I got better lookin'! (click)