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J.J. Elliott English Double Chain Fusée
Retailed by Theodore B. Starr

 J.J. Elliott English Double Chain Fusee ~ Antique Clocks Guy

 J.J. Elliott English Double Chain Fusee ~ Antique Clocks Guy

 J.J. Elliott English Double Chain Fusee ~ Antique Clocks Guy

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Here's a beautiful little bracket clock by the highly revered English clockmaking firm of J.J.Elliott (London) that was retailed by the famed Philadelphia jeweler Theodore B. Starr. The two firms paired frequently. Here is a dial signature example from a large tubular-bell clock built by Elliott and marketed by the Starr firm:

Dial signature from an Elliott/Starr 9 tubular bell tallcase clock c. 1910 ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Physical: The mahogany case, which measures 10"w x 15"h x 7" d is in excellent physical condition and features inlaid brass in the flanking columns as well as an inlaid shell pattern (typical of the era) in the front base area of the case. The 5.75" diameter silvered dial is original to the clock, in very good condition and features the original moon-style hands. There is a handle on top of the clock that was typical of the bracket clocks of a much earlier era.

Mechanical: The eight-day time-and-strike double chain fus
ée movement was overhauled in 2017 and is in excellent mechanical condition. It has the original pendulum lockdown knurled knob that is often missing and which has a bracket for storage on the right-hand side of the clock for when the clock is running. It strikes the half and hour on a heavy-duty coiled gong with a deep, resonant tone.

Comments: This is an exquisite small clock that will fit well in almost any location you choose, from bedside table to a credenza in the den or dining room – your choice! Please drop us a note or give us a call to start the process.

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Front View
Front Left
Front Right
Left Detail
Right Detail
ft Side
Right Side

Inlay Detail
Back Side
Fusee Movement -1
Fusee Mov
ement - 2
Fusee Movement Lockdown
Fusee Movement Signature





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