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Extra Large (20") Postal Telegraph
Synchronous Electric Time Clock, c.1920

Extra Large (20") British Postal Telegraph Synchronous Electric Time Clock, c.1920 ~ Antique Clocks Guy

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Here is a great piece of American history that can hang on a wall in your home or office, keep good time and be a reminder of the the storied past of the Postal Telegraph system. Click the images below to enlarge.

Physical: The large-diameter clock (20" with 15" dial) is in excellent, age-appropriate condition and retains the original paint on both the case and the dial.

Mechanical: These clocks were originally synchronous "slaves" to a master clock. However, like most, this one has been converted to a quartz movement that runs on a single AA battery and keeps great time. We had it hanging in our great room for years before it was replaced by a yet larger battery-powered self-winding clock, thus its availability now.

Comments: Wonderful vintage piece, silent-running clock. Keeps good time, looks great, needs a "good home". Priced to move...

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